Swim and Survive

Grade 2, 3 and 4 classes have just completed the Swim and Survive programme as part of the swimming component of their Physical Education lessons.

The Swim and Survive programme is a comprehensive swimming and water safety initiative of the Australian Royal Life Saving Association that seeks to increase the swimming and water safety skills of all children in order to prevent drowning and increase participation in safe aquatic activity.

Swim and Survive programme provides a level of protection and aims to provide children with solid foundation skills in swimming, survival and basic rescue skills. In addition to a developing strong and effective swimming techniques, Swim and Survive teaches theory and problem solving technqiues that relate to personal survival and water safety,

Students recently completed this online quiz to demonstrate their knowledge of safety techniques. Certificates recognizing Swim and Survive competency will be distributed with reports at the end of the year.Capture

Sports Day Videos

Sports day was great fun and we saw many shining examples of sportsmanship including students sharing, taking turns, using equipment and space safely and properly, shaking hands and using kind words with one another. We ran, jumped, balanced. threw, swung, bounced, dodged and raced our way through the day! It was also a wonderful opportunity to come together as students, teachers, and parents and help us all connect and feel a sense of belonging to our ISM community. Our heartfelt thanks to all those who helped make Sportsday such a success. These people include our volunteer official parent photographers, our IT department, our custodians, security staff, canteen staff, teacher assistants, art department, music department, HS Jazz band, ES office staff, AV services, Facilities department – all who contributed at some stage in the organisation, set up and running of the event. Here are some videos of the day. Enjoy.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Swimming Next Week (beginning Jan 27)

The week beginning January 27, we will start swimming in our Physical Education classes. We will swim for five weeks, with a break in the middle for Sports Day and Sports Day practice. Please check your Physical Education schedule as to which days the different classes will swim.

Rest assured that all precautions will be taken to provide for the safety, ease and comfort of students. Our aim is for all students to be safe in an aquatic environment and enjoy swimming. We will spend time developing stroke techniques (including survival strokes) and water safety and survival skills. We follow the Australian Swim and Survive program.  Two qualified swimming teacher assistants will also help conduct the lessons.

Children need to come prepared with their swim gear (one-piece suit for girls) towel, comb, change of clothes, extra pair of underwear and a plastic bag in which to put their wet swim suit and towel. Goggles and swim cap are optional. Goggles are fun to wear and help students relax in the water. It is however important that students can swim without goggles and not be overly dependent on wearing them. Children should practice putting on goggles at home if they wish to wear them. This will save time fixing them in class. “Easy to put on” footwear is also advisable so that children can care for themselves as much as possible. We will assist in change rooms although we encourage independence as much as possible. Please label all items.

Parents: Please note that if your child cannot swim because of medical reasons, a note from you or your physician is necessary. You can also e-mail me (vangaalenj@ismanila.org) in advance and this will allow time to organize an alternate activity poolside and extra supervision for non-swimmers.

Class Photographers – Last Call!

ES Sports day is coming up on Friday February 14th.  At this stage we are looking for some parent photographers to take grade level photos on the day. We are looking for two parents per grade level to follow that grade level around for the day taking action shots. These photos will then be used in the Closing Ceremony slide shows on the day. If you are interested please contact Steve McCallum(McCallumS@ismanila.org) before Friday 1st February to finalise parent volunteers and go through the protocols for taking photos.